The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

Everybody should read the Labour Party Manifesto, it is what we all need. Neo-liberalism is finished, The 2008 crises has caused massive unemployment, poverty, inequality. What is happening in the streets in many countries Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, Spain, France (the yellow vests), Lebanon, Iraq, England (in part because of the Brexit but also the lack of decently paid jobs,)  etc. is because young people see very little future. Karl Marx said that “religion was the opium of the people but I say football is the opium today.”  Those who do have jobs only earn enough to pay the bills and older people see their pensions reduced after working all their adult lives and paying into national and private pension funds.

Corruption in politics and businesses, as well as individuals amassing fortunes, are some of the main causes and this needs to be stopped by regulating many business activities above all the banks. People are becoming desperate. What happened to the local police person who helped people now they are dressed for war on their own people, How many have died in Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia. We have lost trust in the police, they have become our enemy. We jail whistleblowers who are the ones who are telling the real story about the Deep State. The mass media are corrupt that’s why very few people buy newspapers or believe the news on television.

If there is no radical change in politics, corruption and better jobs we are heading towards a revolution

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Here are some ideas on how to be happy;

Everyone has a talent, a gift, a passion, for soemthing, find out what it is and go after it. You probably won’t become famous or make a lot of money (neither of which has anything to do with happiniess). but it will contribute to your happiness.

Friendship is vital, not any friendship but quality friendship. The majority os us have between five or six really good friends, people you can rely on. Usually it is spontaneous, you meet someone and after a short period you connect.

Family feuds must be avoided at all times, they take a terrible toll on people who bear grudges. No matter what,  reach out to all your family members.

The Japanese say that when you get up in the morning have an objective, a purpose each day and do it. Sometimes you can’t do it pospone it for another day but do something else.

Get out of the house for at least one hour everyday.

Go for walks, listen to classical music, opera. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about music, check it out on the internet. Try and go to a concert or opera but first find out what it is about, the composer, the story, the year it was written, the circumstances then, the orchestra, the conductor there are many things to learn. That’s what the Internet is for. Get involved.

Giving is very important. It makes you feel fulfilled. Do it in exchange for nothing. Help others, there is no payment for this.

Being stressed is contagious so try and avoid it. Get all that negative energy out of you. The attitude you take at moments in your life and how you live those moments.

Love and be loved. Love and happiness are two things you have to strive and stress for. Teach people how to treat you by telling them how to treat you. Why be credible when you can be incredible.

Don’t be a boring person. Being boring is what kills relationships. Keep an open mind. If you are in a relationship make the other person laugh, it’s very healthy and dispels a lot of bad feelings. Millions of people use the internet because they are lonely despite the fact that they are  in a relationship

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The loss of confidentiality

With the latest revelations by Edward Snowden about the activities of the N.S.A. (National Security Agency) and the British (GCHQ) one arrives to the conclusion that no one can confide in their government any more. The confidentiality between, client – lawyer,  doctor – patient, companies to their clients, tenders, bids have all been lost. In the case of companies both the British and the Americans can now make better offers than say  Spanish or Italian companies because of them having privileged information.

All cell phone voice and written messages should be encrypted. What happened to Blackberry, the Canadian company. It has almost disappeared because the phone companies began to offer smartphones to their clients free of charge and this made it very difficult for Blackberry to compete but it was the only encrypted one on the market.  In some Arab countries they even prohibited them  because they were told that Al Qaeda was using them. However, Barak Obama and the secretary of state of defense  Chuck Hagel use Blackberry.

All of this in the name of security. Of whom? The Americans are using drones to murder people in all parts of the world, many times innocent people even Americans, all without a fair  trial.

So now the Americans have taken on the role of  God. They decide who lives and who dies.

Both the United States and Israel are rogue states. Both were made at the point of a gun and they have continued to be beligerant, war is their game.

Between the Americans and the Israelis they have become the Nazi’s of the 21st century. It’s sad to see how the Nazi regime has had such an effect on policies and politicians since the 2nd world war. The lies, (tell a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth, Joseph Goebbels) the propaganda. The main stream media, newspapers and television channels,  show the same images supplied to them. The Americans say that the Russians have done this and that but never show any evidence and if they do it is scarce if not (a Russian misile that supposidly shot down the Malasian airline)  false. The Israelis the same about the Palestinians and/or Hamas, “they have fired rockets” but aren’t the  military aircraft and weapons  the Israelis use, made in  America?  The weapons being used to slaughter the people of Gaza, who supplied the Israelis?

Do they or anyone else know where all this is leading to?

The American Empire is on the way out they are simply “flogging a dead horse” They lost all credability after the Iraqi invasion, WMD`s etc. Fighting to bring democracy to Arab countries. What crap. These countries are made up of tribes.

Look at the disaster in Libya, Syria, now Iraq and to follow Afganistan.


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A few considerations

Part of the cause of the financial meltdown and consequent credit crunch was due to our NOT PAYING ATTENTION. We let ourselves be fooled because we didn’t really want to know the truth. We were spending more than we were earning we were living on credit until the bubble burst. And now the consequences. Millions have lost their jobs and homes, The banks, Governments and companies have made us liable for THEIR mistakes. Our standard of living has bottomed out and the future is very bleak. It will take a minimum of 7 to 10 years to recover from this disaster .

The second part is CONFLICT AVOIDANCE. People don’t want to get involved in conflicts even when they see blatant injustices; low salaries, longer working hours, no social security, high unemployment, no hopes of finding another job consequently when you get to retirement age you get almost nothing because the years you haven’t been working you haven’t been paying a pension fund, but what do you do about all this NOTHING because you FEAR reprisals.

The third part is WILLFUL BLINDNESS; where you refuse to see or recognise; for instance, climate change, you begin to see POVERTY everywhere, families waiting outside the supermarkets at 10 o’clock at night to pick up food that is about to expire, families going deeper and deeper into debt (Loan sharks charging 33% interest) but you think it won’t affect you but you sons and daughters and grandchildren ??

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A Disfuncional Democracy

We are living in a totally disfuncional democracy. In our democracies we elect candidates, of whom we have no say in who they should be  (closed lists) some are  criminals, others  haven’t paid their taxes, and many of them have accounts in fiscal  havens. And these  are the candidates put forward by the banks, corporations, etc and their job is to look after their sponcer’s interests not ours  So when it comes to voting this or that law or amendment, their vote has nothing to do with the  good of the people or what the people want. Most candidates are hipocrites and outrageous liars. The have no sense of ethics or moral. It’s only private interests.because they are the ones who have paid for their campaigns in exchange for  favours of all types.

Another example is the police  here in Spain, and there are many different types of police here. Their new job is not to prevent crime nor catch criminals but to put fines even for the slightest infraction. They have become tax collectors You are leaving your garage and haven’t put on the safety belt yet, a fine, you take your dog for a walk and let him off the leash just before entering the park, a fine, you are driving on a rural road at 40 kms per hour, a fine, speed limit 30 kms but you think, the police are sitting there in a car all day waiting for soembody to go by so that they can fine him, two police in the airport just waiting for you to leave your car so they can fine  you but at the same moment there are robberies inside the terminal building but it’s not their affair 

We need to go towards a meritocracy system, i.e. the person must demonstrate  merits to be a candidate and if  after four years hasn’t fulfilled his promises be kicked out.


To be continued

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A Few Thoughts

Why do so few people take part in demonstrations against, the banks, the governments, our standard of living going down the drain all in the name that privatisation is more efficient. There is not one case where privatisation hasn’ t cost more

People are not sufficiently outraged and they are not so,  because they haven’t been paying attention.

People are so easily distracted; Football, Talk shows, different channels same people, the morbidity of people for scandals and if sex and money are involved all the better, the reality shows showing how vulgar some people are, the same news items everywhere (Angela Merkel in a swimsuit) That’s news!!! This is all stupidity and pretends to show people are ignorant. These are the subjects people talk about not about the real problems. The mass media have lost all sense of decency, impartiality, independence and pay lip service to the “bangsters” and corporations to promote their point of view.The main objective is to form our opinion not to inform.

The politicians have no respect for the people. They don’t want our opinion only our vote. The majority are corrupt and have a total lack of ethics and moral but they want to govern to satisfy the capitalist system which is already dying, they are “flogging a dead horse”

I am annoyed that more people are NOT annoyed.

Richard Nixon spoke about “The  Silent Majority” but Amy Goodman put it better by saying we are “The Silenced Majority”


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Legalize drugs

Ther is no such a thing as “the war on drugs” because wars end. The fight to avoid the trafficing of drugs has already caused 60,000 lives in Mexico leaving thousands of widows and children without a father (the bread winner).

The trafficing in drugs is done in U.S. dollars. The consumers are Americans and European. The “carteles” in order to defend their business buy enormous amounts of arms, where from? the U.S.A. in U.S.dollars. The governments also have to defend themselves and try to apply the law so they have to buy weapons, helicopters, armed vehicles etc. all from the U.S.A.

Cigarettes and alcohol are considered drugs, but as the companies are American the government does nothing to prohibit them. Oh yes they put warnings on the packets to advise the people but nothing else(Is anybody ever jailed for smoking? for consuming drugs yes)

As drugs are illegal this increases the price. If drugs were legalized and controlled and sold in special shops, the governments could earn a lot of necessary tax. It would reduce the killings enormously. There might be a surge in the consumption of druga at the beginning but it would drop in time to a tolerable level. Despite the fact that Afganistan is invaded by American and N:A.T.O. (North American Treaty Organisation)  troops it is the biggest producer of heroin in the world consented by them in order to pay for the war

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Politicians in general are easily corrupted and allow corruption  and consequently become corrupt themselves. They have lost all sense of ethics, honesty and morals. They only want our votes but not our opinion. They will do anything just to get into power,  lie, cheat whatever is necessary.  But then they don’t govern, the corporations and “banksters” do and use them to their own benefit. Why didn’t the governments nationalize the savings banks and any other bank in debt. They gave them our taxpayers money. When the economy goes well again they could sell them off. Do all of us Europeans always have to follow what the Americans say after the disaster they caused. The American Empire is coming down and Europe will go with them.

What is N.A.T.O it is not the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation it is the North American Treaty Organisation and we are just puppets in their hands. Attacking Libiya the British and French to bring democracy to Arab countries. What crap. The Israeli lobby is very strong.

To be continued

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New Feature: My Comments

New Feature: My Comments. Jobs for the future will be in the following areas; Information Technology (IT), Science, Energy and  Health.

Everybody should learn to type with both hands without looking at the keyboard (not like me), and English language at least for the moment. Everyone should be on the grid (the internet). See, Get one, Give one  Nicholas Negroponte. Help others to obtain computers.

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